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There are different ways to hurt your back and neck. And different ways to treat them. That’s why the physicians of MidState Neurosurgery have opened the Back and Neck Pain Center.

The Center offers same day appointments with comprehensive medical treatments for chronic and acute back and neck pain including ultrasound, physical therapy, pain blocking medications and more. Back and neck treatment should be customized to your needs. The clinicians at the Back and Neck Pain Center are specialists at diagnosing and developing treatment plans based on an individual’s analysis. So, you get exactly what your body needs to heal. Nothing more, nothing less. Conveniently located in the Seton Building on the campus of St. Thomas Rutherford, Suite 200. Call or visit www.ms-ns.com for more information.


1840 Medical Center Parkway
Suite 200
Murfreesboro, TN 37219

Same day appointments.
Range of treatments.
Customized care.
Specialized massage therapy.
Chronic pain management.






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